Levels of Granite: Key Characteristics, Pricing, and Differences

Different levels of granite
By | February 20, 2024
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When choosing a countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom, granite is often a top choice among homeowners. Renowned for its durability, aesthetics, and resistance to heat and scratches, granite has become synonymous with luxury and elegance. Many people may not realize that granite countertops come in different levels, each with unique characteristics and price points. In this article, we’ll explore the various levels of granite countertops, discussing their key characteristics and differences.

What Are Granite Countertop Levels?

Granite countertop levels refer to the classification of granite slabs based on their rarity, color, pattern, and country of origin. Although many people believe that the level of granite depends on its quality, this is not the case. Granite is a natural stone that is extracted from the Earth quarries, so its quality and key properties, such as strength and resistance, will always be the same. The easiest way to determine granite level is by its price. We will talk about this further.

How Many Levels of Granite Are There?

Granite is usually defined by three or four levels, as the most common. However, in fact, there are many more and they often reach up to 7, characterized by the most unique design, veins, rare colors, and patterns. Below, we will describe each of them in more detail.

What Are The Different Levels of Granite?

Our experts shared their knowledge and told us about the features and characteristics of each of the 7 levels of granite. With 30 years of experience in fabricating and installing granite countertops, they have the best understanding of how to determine which granite slab is now in front of your eyes. So, let’s take a look.

What Is Level 1 Granite

Also known as “entry-level granite” or “commercial grade”, level 1 granite is the most affordable option. It typically showcases simpler patterns and a limited range of colors. The most popular level 1 granite colors are white or cream, beige, tan, gray, brown, and black.

Level one granite is usually sourced from China and has a thinner cut, about 3/8 inch. This means that it is not as durable as other levels and may need a plywood backing to make it last longer. Some slabs may have noticeably different areas in the stone that do not match the other areas. Level 1 granite countertops are often prefabricated.

The low level 1 granite price – in the range of $40-50 per square foot – is also influenced by its prevalence, in addition to the limited and standardized colors and simple design. Since this stone is not rare and there are more quarries from which it can be supplied, the price will be lower accordingly. However, as we mentioned above, in the case of granite, a lower price does not mean lower quality. If you are on a tight budget but have decided on granite as a material for your countertop or home decoration, Level 1 will suit you perfectly. In addition, many homeowners prefer level-one granite countertops for its simple, understated look, as opposed to brighter, more variable colors and swirling patterns.


What Is Level 2 Granite

Level 2 granite countertops offer a wider range of colors and a variety of patterns compared to Level 1. They often show more complex veining and saturation. Level 2 or “mid-grade” granite is about 3/4 inch thick, making it a more durable option than the previous one. This stone is usually mined and imported from quarries in Brazil and India. This provenance and more unique designs make granite level 2 a little more expensive, ranging from $50 to $60 per square foot, but it is still a very affordable option. These countertops will fit perfectly into your kitchen or bathroom and you won’t have to worry about the price.


What Is Level 3 Granite

Those who are seeking more exotic, vibrant patterns and distinctive looks will find their match in granite level 3. High-grade granite boasts rare colors and unique natural designs. You will easily recognize level 3 granite countertops that look like a real work of art. Kashmir Gold, Colonial White, Silver Cloud, and Absolute Black are just some of the distinctive level 3 granite colors.

Level 3 granite is often imported from exclusive global quarries, which may include regions known for their unique stone, such as Brazil, Italy, and India. By choosing this option, your new countertop will likely be 3/4 inch thick and will serve you well for years to come, offering strength and durability in even the most high-traffic of kitchens. However, in terms of price, you should expect to pay $50-65 or more per square foot. This level is ideal for creating a focal point in a room or adding a touch of luxury to your space.


What Is Level 4 Granite

Level 4 granite countertops represent the premium end of the granite spectrum. Rare and exclusive, granite level 4 exhibits exotic colors, intricate patterns, and breathtaking veins. Its unique qualities and exceptional beauty make it one of the most expensive options among the different levels of granite countertops. Homeowners who prefer exclusivity and are willing to invest heavily in their countertop material will be delighted with the luxury and sophistication that level 4 granite brings to their space.
When choosing among the level 4 granite colors, we recommend paying attention to Blue Pearl, Black Galaxy, and Volga Blue.


What Is Level 5, 6, 7 Granite

Homeowners and designers who want to highlight their space with high-end stone need to opt for the highest granite grades. Levels 5, 6, and 7 represent the pinnacle of luxury in granite selection. These levels are characterized by unique, exotic, and intricate patterns, ¾ thickness, and many rich, vibrant, deep shades that make them the centerpiece of any space. They are imported from exclusive quarries around the world, mostly from Brazil and India. Accordingly, this makes them an extremely scarce and difficult material to obtain. Their price can cross the $200-250 per square foot mark, depending on a variety of factors determined by manufacturers or sellers.

From iridescent gray to deep blue – these stones are simply amazing, and the countertops can become a real decoration of any kitchen or bathroom. You have probably heard of granite from “Pinterest” – Van Gogh – one of the rarest and most expensive granite varieties. Other examples of level 5, 6, and 7 granites are Blue Bahia, Alaska Gold, and White Eyes.


Levels of Granite Pricing 2024

As we mentioned above, granite prices vary greatly depending on the level. That is why it is very important to figure out in advance whether the stone you have chosen fits your budget. We have compiled the following table for you with granite levels and pricing for each that you should expect when buying. We have indicated prices per square foot only and exclude installation.

As a custom manufacturer, distributor, and installer of natural granite, Kitchen & Bath Center offers the most favorable prices on the market thanks to its comprehensive services without the need to overpay and deal with each stage of granite countertop installation separately.

Level of GranitePricing
Level 1 granite cost$40 – $50 per square foot
Level 2 granite cost$50 – $60 per square foot
Level 3 granite cost$55 – $65 per square foot
Level 4 granite cost$65 – $75 per square foot
Level 5 granite cost$75 – 100 per square foot
Level 6 granite cost$100 – 200 per square foot
Level 7 granite cost$250+ per square foot

How to Choose the Right Level of Granite Countertop for Your Project

Choosing the right material for your countertop can be a daunting task; and finding the right granite grade for your needs may seem overwhelming. However, this is not the case. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right granite for your countertop.

Assess Your Budget

The first step in choosing granite countertops is evaluating your budget. Entry-level granite is the most cost-effective option. This level often includes simpler designs and more common colors and is also slightly thinner than the others. As the levels increase, so does the price, attributable to the rarity and uniqueness of the stone patterns and colors. Decide the maximum you are willing to invest in your countertops before proceeding.

Consider Your Home Decor

Your existing or intended home decor should guide your choice in granite levels. For a uniform look, a consistent pattern found in Level 1 granite might be ideal – this option goes with everything. If you aim for a centerpiece or love unique designs, higher levels offer more distinctive and striking patterns and shades. The key is to match the countertop with the color schemes and design motifs in your rooms. Try our easy-to-use Kitchen Visualizer to find the best solution for your home.

Consider The Size and Quantity of Stone Needed

Think about how many slabs you need to complete your project, as well as the size of your future countertops. This is important because by choosing higher grades of granite you may face the problem of limitation, while lower grades are more affordable and common.

Ask About Maintenance

While all granite requires some level of maintenance, the porosity and pattern complexity can alter how much maintenance is needed. Heavily patterned granites might better disguise crumbs or spills, while simple patterns could show every speck of dust. Ask your supplier about sealing requirements and daily care to keep your granite looking pristine, and choose the one that suits you best.

Shop in Person

Buying granite is not a time to rely on pictures. To truly understand the beauty and variations, visit a showroom or warehouse. Viewing slabs in person can also prevent the possibility of obtaining a piece that markedly differs from what you saw in a photograph.

Bring Samples Home

If possible, bring samples of the granite you are considering home with you. This will allow you to see how the stone looks in your space and under your lighting, giving you a better idea of whether it’s the right match for your home.

Look To The Future

Think long-term about the style you select. Granite countertops are an investment. Trendy colors and patterns may not age well as decors change, so it’s wise to consider how your choice today will fit into future remodeling updates.


Regardless of the level, granite offers unparalleled durability, standing up to life’s wear and tear. Each level, however, brings its own maintenance needs and design possibilities. opting for a no-fuss entry-level or intricate high-level slab, the granite you choose will be a testament to your personal style and commitment to quality. The professionals at Kitchen & Bath Center will be happy to help you choose from the different levels of granite and make sure you invest in a countertop that meets your practical needs and aesthetic preferences.

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