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Tired of your old countertop? Do you see any scratches or chips? Kitchen & Bath Center will professionally replace it with a new one in a matter of hours! We offer options that will bring a fresh, attractive look to your kitchen. Choose from quartz, marble, granite, and porcelain - our wide range of stone options will satisfy any style and needs. KBC's experienced countertop professionals will work with you to find the perfect match for your vision and your budget. We will make sure that everything fits perfectly and that your new countertop blends in ideally with your interior. Unsurpassed quality and fast turnaround time are what you can expect at the Kitchen & Bath Center!

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    When It’s Time For Replacing Kitchen Countertops?

    Is your kitchen feeling a bit outdated? Over time, countertops can become worn, scratched, or get damaged, making it the perfect time to update them. One of the quickest ways to freshen up the heart of your home is by replacing the kitchen countertops. It’s amazing how much of a difference new countertops can make in transforming the look and feel of your kitchen. Kitchen & Bath Center professionals are here to help! So, when is it time for replacement kitchen countertops? 

    • Deep scratches
    • Burns
    • Chips
    • Stubborn stains
    • Discoloration
    • Cracked areas
    • Worn out sealant
    • Buckling or unevenness
    • Grout is missing
    • Tarnishing
    • Outdated Style
    • Difficulty in maintenance
    • Kitchen renovation

    Our Kitchen Countertop Replacements Process

    1. Schedule A Consultation

    We start the process with an expert consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences and answer all your questions. Our experienced team will discuss with you material options, design choices, and any specific requirements you may have.

    2. Accurate Measurements

    Once we have a clear understanding of your preferences, our skilled professionals will take precise measurements of your existing countertop area to ensure a perfect fit for your new countertop.

    3. Material Selection

    We will guide you through our wide selection of high-quality countertop materials. Marble, quartz, granite, or porcelain - we have the perfect options for you. Our team will help you choose the material that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

    4. Customization and Fabrication

    Using state-of-the-art technology, our team will craft your chosen material into a custom countertop that perfectly fits your space. This step ensures attention to detail and a flawless finish.

    5. Removing Old Countertops and Installing New

    We use the best equipment in the industry to guarantee a neat and smooth process of replacing your countertop. Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why our experts will do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy with the results. We will be ready to answer any questions or concerns throughout the process and beyond.

    Our Countertop Replacement Options

    At Kitchen & Bath Center, we specialize in replacing kitchen countertops of a wide variety to suit your needs and style. Here are some of the types of countertops we professionally replace:

    White marble material template


    If you desire a timeless and sophisticated look, marble countertops are an excellent choice. We offer marble countertops in various hues, each with its unique veining and elegance.

    Brown granite material template


    Add a touch of luxury with our luxurious granite options. Each slab is unique, delivering natural beauty and impressive durability.

    Black quartz material template


    Engineered quartz countertops offer the elegance of natural stone with low maintenance. We can expertly install quartz countertops to give your kitchen or bathroom a modern and stylish upgrade.

    Porcelain material template


    With a wide range of colors and designs available, porcelain countertops can seamlessly complement any style or decor. Trust us to expertly replace your old counters!

    Why Choose Kitchen & Bath Center LLC

    Years Of Experience

    KBC has been in business since 1993 and we continue making our customers happy.

    Quality Services

    Whether it is kitchen, bathroom, or any custom order, we always make sure that high-class service is provided.

    Professional Team

    Our experienced team has completed numerous countertop replacement projects with a balance of speed and performance

    Expertise You Can Trust

    Our skilled professionals ensure precise and careful kitchen countertops replacement. They can recommend the perfect material and style to match your taste and functional needs.

    High-End Products

    Kitchen & Bath Center LLC provides a huge selection of materials and products from around the globe. At KBC you’ll find the perfect match for your kitchen design and budget.


    We offer customized solutions to fit the specific dimensions of your space, matching your lifestyle and the flow of your daily routine.

    Customer Support

    Our office is always open to help you, whenever or wherever you need our help!

    Free Quote

    You can always contact us to find out more about your project, budget, and time frames.

    Eco-Friendly Approach

    We recycle most of our leftover materials, using it to maximize raw materials. We also recycle 100% of our water.

    Let Us Replace Your Countertops

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